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Abandoned Chairs is a 64-page book containing 60 full colour photographs of abandoned chairs from around the world. This is the culmination of an open submission photography project organised by artist Paul Kuzemczak. The first set of photographs in the book where selected from the submissions, which resulted in 300 entries from across the world, with over 750 photographs being submitted. A selection panel chose the work of 39 artists to show alongside Kuzemczak’s images (the second set of photographs in the book). The images document traces left by people’s interactions with chairs, either intentional or not. The works capture the humanity of ordinary everyday scenes that where chosen for their immediacy and humour.

There is an introductory essay written by the artist and curator Kaavous Clayton.

The following artists/photographers are represented in the publication.

Trevor Attwood (UK), Sarah Ballard (UK), Gawain Barnard (UK), Natalie Behring (USA), Zoe Childerley (UK), Ben Coode-Adams (UK), Stephen Cross (UK), Sean Cunningham (UK), Peter Doubleday (UK), Chris Eckersley (UK), Stuart David Fallon (UK), Angela Frost (UK), Ray Gayling (UK), Silvia Ganora (Italy), Mary Hockenbery (USA), Andrew Howe (UK), Steve Johnson (UK), Morgan Jones (USA), Christine Kelly (Canada), David Kendall (UK), Zoë Kennard (UK), Paul Kuzemczak (UK), Kirsten Lavers (UK), Daniel Lehan (UK), Chris & Raymond Leyland (UK), Katherine Mager (UK), Adam McDonald (UK), Simon Mitchell (UK), James Newton (UK), Stephen Parry (UK), Ulf Mark Pedersen (Norway), Damien Robinson (UK), Natascha Sturny (Switzerland), Ben Tanner (UK), Brian W. Thomas (UK), Christopher Tuckett (UK), Tim Watson (UK), Leilani A. Wertens (USA), Samuel Wingate (UK) and Sara Zinelli (Italy).

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